Tuesday, May 7, 2013


  I fucking suck at introductions if we're being completely honest. This isn't my first time to the rodeo blogging wise. I've tried the whole insightful opening dripping with misty wisdom. I've tried the sassy and humorous opening that never matched in tone to how serious I got later on. I always had some ulterior motive for why I wrote then. Now I just need to vent and scribble around. I am semi professionally a writer. I'm hoping things pop off for me soon but it's been a working progress. I don't feel going into it right now. Let me just rattle off a few stats for you about myself right quick so we can get this show on the road:

- I'm black
- I'm gay
- I'm aggressively polite
- I'm a girly gay and I like being girly and I'm not going to not like being girly
- I'm a college student almost done with my A.A. and going for my B.A. (it's taking forever dude)
- I'm single.....devastatingly so
- I write but not for a living. I'd be homeless if I did that and I enjoy AC way too much to let that happen
- I act...kinda. Still getting into it but I do a great deal of local theatre work
- I like making people laugh so if humor is your thing buckle down

I'm not going to be updating this thing all of the time. I'm mainly just using this as an outlet for my various thoughts and musings. Every once in a while I will try to drop some knowledge but its not usually intentional. But either way I hope y'all enjoy yourselves cause its gonna be a bumpy ride.

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