Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trayvon Martin: In Defense

  I have really been trying to be silent on this issue concerning the court proceedings of Trayvon Martin's murderer George Zimmerman. What really has been pissing me off about a variety of things is not that Zimmerman's (I refuse to call him Mr.) defense saying Trayvon was armed with the sidewalk or opening up with a knock knock joke. They're assholes, I don't expect much from them. But what's pissing me off is how white people are acting like they both understand racism from a personal perspective and also how many are saying it has nothing to do with this.

Let me start off by saying no white person will truly understand what it is like to be a non white person in America, especially a black man. Whenever I see liberals white people trying to explain racism or 'combat racism' (you can combat it but the white way is usually by just rewriting or rebranding it as something else) it's like watching a monkey ride a bike. Sure he's smart and sure he looks cute doing it but you know he has no idea what he's doing. That being said I am guffawing with rage at whites from all walks trying to downplay this as a racial issue and as a gun law issue. Call me an emotionalist but as a black person especially in the south I know this is a racial issue.

To keep this article brief let me break it down for you: We know Zimmerman pursued the boy and was instructed not to. He referred to the boy as a suspect plenty of times in police reports as if he was an officer. This tells us that he already has pegged Trayvon as guilty. He did not know this child from a can of paint but because of his race, forget his hoodie, but his race he pegged the boy as a criminal and acted as if he knew him because of how he looked. This is supported by numerous phone calls to police not only about the boy but several other black people over the span of months. We know Zimmerman confronted the boy at some point. Exactly who threw the first punch is unclear. We know at some point there was a struggle. We know Zimmerman got the advantage by topping Trayvon as several Wittnesses recounted. We know the injuries given to Zimmerman by the victim were not life threatening. We know that this was not a simple matter of peace talks gone wrong. This was a matter of a white or a white identifying person believing they had the right to enact their own form of citizens martial law over black people simply because they believe they have authority over us.

Trayvon's past is irrelevant. If he started the attack then yeah. If he actually committed a crime then yeah go ahead. But what child hasn't had issues in schools and done weed, especially in Florida? If he were white he'd be a hipster. But because he's black he's a thug and he deserved to be shot before being questioned. Hell even the shooter couldn't understand why the child would be afraid. Our blackness is seen as our weapon. Our skin tone is our battle axe. Our melanin is our H-bomb. So our lives are up for play to people like him. His friend Rachel's demeanor and personality and past has nothing to do with her testimony. She isn't on trial. Trayvon isn't on trial. We cannot even be the victims. Our murders are even questioned to be murders. Our deaths are seen as thugs and welfare queens and hoodrats and parasites getting what was coming to them.

This is the great injustice and this is why Trayvon in fact needs defending because his legacy as a victim to a failure of a law and a legal system is being questioned. Zimmerman deserves a trial but if he were a big black man with the same violent criminal history and killed a white child who in this nation would be disputing he is guilty? No one would be questioning that a grown man could handle a child without a weapon but because the victim was black he is seen as possessing enough power to fight back unarmed against a gunsman. Our blackness is seen as giving us extreme strength and physical prowess but this is how they rob of us our humanity and our vulnerability to harm.

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